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ISLI - MS & MSc Global Supply Chain Management


Program overview

A Programme Organised Hand-in-Hand with the Business World

Supply Chain Management  implies a team approach to management; today’s business environment implies cross-border chains of operation. Representing 20 different nationalities, students discover different perspectives and assimilate other social models.

Enhanced multicultural awareness improves negotiating capabilities and develops a truly international profile.

Students reconcile cultural differences while respecting real-world working conditions

Admission conditions

Required diploma(s) :

  • Bachelor
  • Master

Tuition & Fees

Between 16500 and 18000 Euros


At KEDGE Business School, we strongly believe that students shouldn’t abandon their education projects because of funding concerns. That is why we have launched a financial support plan aimed specifically to help international students.

4 types of scholarships are available:

  • Early Bird waiver
  • Distinction scholarship
  • Achievement scholarship
  • Outstanding student trophy


Employment opportunities & career impact

Average time for obtaining the first job offer : 94 % of students are recruited before actually graduating

Employment opportunities :

Job offers begin rolling in early in the year for students:

  • Partner companies, alumni and consulting firms are the main vectors of employment proposals
  • student CVs are sent to almost 4000 company managers
  • 80% of recent graduates are recruited by large companies
  • 100% work in an international position
  • 100% find a position within 3 months of graduating

SC Director

Defines Global SC strategies

Orients organisational changes

Establishes cooperation contracts between suppliers, service providers, distributors and customers

SC Engineer
Orchestrates new logistics processes using integrated management systems(ERP, VMI) and IT(e-SC, e-procurement)

Develops physical structures to optimise flows

SC Consultant
Analyses opportunities and risks of client’s SC and proposes alternative SC strategies Clients apply chosen SC solutions

Customer Service Manager
Negotiates custom-made SC arrangements adapted to country-specific conditions

Streamlines order-processing logistics by reducing lead time

Distribution Logistics Manager
Analyses and assesses performance of country-specific logistics networks

Manages international partnerships with service providers and transport firms

Production and Purchasing Logistics Manager
Establishes and manages supply processes and supplier relationships

Coordinates production flows and guarantees desired service level

Program enrolment information and statistics

Students Age
Minimum age 23 years
Average age 27 years
Maximum age 35 years

Application Deadlines

Entry Level

- To the one-year MSc : 4-years Bachelor degree or Master degree or 3-years Bachlor degree + 3 years of working experience

- To the 2-years MSc : 3-years Bachelor degree

For those who are applying to the 2-years MSc, the first year will be devoted to General Management. The specialisation is

limited to the second year.

Faculty profiles

Kedge Business School's faculty is made up of almost 183 full-time lecturers and several hundred professional and academic speakers who teach at our French and international campuses.

The full-time faculty is comprised of lecturers-researchers, 90% of whom hold a PhD. 44% are international professors from over 30 different countries.

Due to the dynamics of the merger process, globalisation and the growth Kedge Business School is experiencing, it now boasts a substantial and incredibly diverse faculty, a strong asset in the face of new challenges in the fields of research and education.



Developments in new teaching methods are leading to an innovation dynamic, allowing us to integrate digital developments while maintaining closeness and individualised learning pathways. In the field of research, the contributions of Kedge Business School's professors must ensure new knowledge production by taking changes in both academia and business practice into account.


The emergence of unique and distinguishing teaching models is taking us further than simply passing on knowledge and onto a quest for meaning, integrating a learning by doing approach. As regards research, the bridging of the boundaries between theory and practice requires research results to be disseminated beyond the academic community.


A Business School's faculty, whose role is to develop talent, must incorporate the values of social responsibility into its research and teaching to the best of its ability. Through education and research, the faculty also helps promote openness to emerging economies.

Kedge Business School's faculty is developing responses to these challenges through the quality and diversity of its teaching activities and its driving role in educational innovations. Its contributions also stem from high-quality academic research and the ability to promote and disseminate research-derived intellectual output to companies and through the education system.

Campus facilities & Student Life

The success of your studies starts with preparation. Knowing how you can finance your tuition fees and day-to-day life, finding accommodation, transport, the campus access conditions... All these issues need to be dealt with so you can begin your integration with confidence and peace of mind.

30% of students recruited at KEDGE Business School are international. They can be recruited in the framework of an agreement between KEDGE Business School and their Home Institution, or directly through the usual selection process of the programmes. Students of more than 40 different nationalities are mixing on different KEDGE Business School campuses.

Practical informations

Kedge can advise you on your choice of accommodation near its Bordeaux and Marseilles campuses.


HandiKap is an initiative that gives students with disabilities access to education in the best possible conditions, helps them integrate and find employment.

Accessibility - Handikap



Student associations

Sport facilities