About us

About us

Eduniversal Group is a global leader in higher education information. Our goal is to provide students worldwide with the tools to find the best education opportunities. Eduniversal's widely recognized academic rankings are the centerpiece of a global ecosystem of websites and services. Each year, more than 4 250 000 students use Eduniversal in their search for the right program.

Founded in France in 1994, Eduniversal Group cultivates a truly international outlook: our employees hail from over 20 countries.

"We will continue to bring inspired people together to ensure Eduniversal remains at the forefront of what we do: encourage the proliferation of academic excellence, support international exchange and improve the mobility of students and faculty."

Martial Guiette, CEO & Founder of Eduniversal


  • Our goal is to furnish individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to explore top global educational prospects and make informed personal decisions. We aim to assist people, irrespective of nationality, income level, or background, in navigating through the process of selecting an academic institution and choosing a career path.
  • We strive to offer a comprehensive perspective on academic excellence worldwide to all stakeholders in higher education. This includes actively promoting international exchanges between schools, encouraging mobility opportunities for professors and students, and aiding HR professionals in identifying specialized talent.

Eduniversal presents: The role of the Best Masters ranking for Students and Schools

Institutions with programs ranked in the Eduniversal Best Masters&MBAs ranking can obtain a media kit that primarily functions as a promotional tool used to strategically communicate and advertise the concerned program across a wide range of media platforms.

This media kit notably includes the logo of the Best Masters&MBAs ranking, the program’s diploma, a selection of photos and press releases etc. For more information, please contact us at mastersranking@eduniversal-group.com or use the dedicated contact form below..

The Eduniversal Best Masters & MBAs ranking distinguishes the top post-graduate programs worldwide across 56 fields of study.

Only institutions included in the Eduniversal Official Selection of the Best 1,000 Business Schools in 153 countries/regions, along with their affiliated entities and recognized Eduniversal Selected School are eligible to have their programs ranked by Eduniversal.

While the ranking process involves the diligent work, research, and analysis of the Eduniversal Ranking Office, it also relies on an annual survey conducted among these institutions. The Best Masters & MBAs survey enables institutions to provide essential information about their programs and solicits feedback from recruiters and current graduating students.

Participation in the survey is crucial for accurately evaluating programs and institutions. Conducted over a few months each year, typically from May to July, the survey is free of charge and all information provided is strictly confidential.

For further details, visit www.eduniversal-survey-mastersranking.com/.

To contact Eduniversal, please use the contact form provided here