Eduniversal proudly presents its 2024 ranking of the top 5820 Masters & MBAs, spanning 56 fields of study. Covering 153 countries/regions across 9 geographic zones, this latest ranking offers a comprehensive view of excellence in higher education globally.

This year, we proudly highlight exceptional achievements and contributions from institutions worldwide. To align with shifting priorities in the financial sector, we've introduced a new global ranking for Green Finance programs, emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Additionally, the ranking for the best Masters in Financial Markets now focuses regionally, providing a deeper understanding of this field's dynamics.

Our highly selective ranking features programs from over 1800 universities and schools. Not all surveyed institutions have ranked programs, and some excel in multiple fields of study.

"Best Masters" stands as the only international ranking to evaluate MBA and Master programs, prioritizing sector-specific market criteria. These criteria gauge a program's capacity to provide essential added value in today's job market.

We're committed to assisting students in finding relevant information tailored to their geographical and academic needs, facilitating their identification and application to the right program.

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Our mission

Our goal is to furnish individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to explore top global educational prospects and make informed personal decisions. We aim to assist people, irrespective of nationality, income level, or background, in navigating through the process of selecting an academic institution and choosing a career path.

We strive to offer a comprehensive perspective on academic excellence worldwide to all stakeholders in higher education. This includes actively promoting international exchanges between schools, encouraging mobility opportunities for professors and students, and aiding HR professionals in identifying specialized talent.


The Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking provides a comprehensive evaluation of Masters and MBA programs on a global scale. Tailored to aid prospective students in identifying optimal graduate study options, the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking stands as the sole platform assessing individual master courses across 56 diverse fields of study worldwide.

Annually, over 20,000 postgraduate programs from around the globe undergo evaluation. Our rigorous assessment process involves collaboration with representatives from leading academic institutions worldwide, alongside 5,000 international recruiters and 100,000 current or recent graduates from these programs.

This collective effort culminates in our final results, meticulously determined through the transparent methodology devised by the Eduniversal Evaluation System.