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Environmental security covers a wide range of sectors in today's society. Students have the possibility of going into a field that involves environmental: conservation, security and enforcement, law, science, architecture and planning, energy, economics, and engineering. There's also the potential to go into the disaster management, as well as environmental risk management, and resources management. Finally there is a prospect of working in the government where they focus on coming up with more environmentally-friendly policies.

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At the post-graduate level, students have the opportunity to improve their skillsets and expand their interests in disciplines that range from engineering, population health, development studies and law. There are a lot of courses offering expertise in a wide variety of managements, including risk, disaster, and project. Energy is another big part of environmental security, due to the massive amount of pressure put on governments and individual companies to invest more into renewable energy. Students would learn from courses about energy markets and policies, and energy finance in post-graduate studies. Lastly, there are many different higher level economic and finance courses with regard to the energy sector, as well as conservation and development projects.

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There are many jobs associated with the programs offered at the top universities with regards to risk, emergency, and government. Students can hope to become either a civil defense manager, a disaster resilience specialist, a disaster risk reduction specialist, an emergency preparedness specialist, a government policy advisor, a hazards analyst, or a humanitarian field worker. Other jobs include environmental field technicians, parks enforcement patrol, environmental and safety protection inspector, environmental engineer or scientist, or an analyst in environmental policy.

Pictogramme What about the area of this specialty in 2024?

Throughout 2024, the year continues to see more disastrous effects from climate change, and governments are under more pressure to curb CO2 emissions than ever before. After the United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, other countries are trying to continue their pledge of slowly moving away from fossil fuels, and to one day have 100% of all energy come from renewable resources in the coming years. Environmental conservation has also been on the rise in many countries, and in places like South Africa and South Korea, they are trying to combat air pollution by increasing the number of trees and conservation zones. Companies are attempting to find new ways of lower CO2 levels out of the air itself, and combatting illegal, overfishing which has become a hot topic as well. Pollution remains a huge problem in many places, and a growing number of countries are beginning to pass laws that are aimed at helping the environment.

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