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Real Estate Management will always be a significant sector in every economy in the world. Buying and selling property and managing this practice is quintessential in business deals and practices throughout the world. What is unique and special about this sector is that it exists universally with every industry benefiting from specialists in this industry.

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A masters in this sector will see students take part in courses that are both traditional and some that are more adjusted. Courses focused on economics and wealth strategy will make those who study this sector well versed in growth, sustainability of property development, and management of economic trends in order to make sound decisions regarding the property development of the industry one will partake in.

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Working in this specialty sector includes a riveting career that would see a specialist in this field working in both economic sustainability and property development. This is a unique and special mix as those who work in this field will have a chance to use their skills in both the sustainability and growth of the new sector. It is truly rewarding and is a sector that has many management opportunities for all who are involved to flourish and expound upon their specialty.

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In 2024, this sector is focused on multidisciplinary support in addition to the other services offered within. Being able to develop real estate as well as growth and profit strategies are necessary to grow in the modern era of real estate management. Studying the market trends locally as well as internationally is a necessity regarding this sector in 2024.

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The expert's corner

Cydney C. Donnell

Professor in Real Estate

Texas A&M University

Congratulations on your interest in a Commercial Real Estate Career. The industry is exciting and opportunities are everywhere in the world – from urban to rural settings. One of your challenges will be to determine which program is a great fit for you. Some degrees such as MSRE tend to specialize in the financial aspects of the commercial real estate industry. The MRED degree is suitable for students desiring to pursue impacting the built environment. It is important that you realize that degrees in real estate vary greatly so research carefully. MBAs with a concentration in real estate will provide broad based business background but no more than 9-12 hours of real estate coursework. Other graduate degrees offer a predominance of real estate coursework and require anywhere from 36-42 credit hours of coursework. Finally, note that there may be programs housed in Architectural Colleges, Business Schools or even schools of Public Policy. Be sure to investigate if the program has the ability to offer interdisciplinary coursework if you are looking for a broader based set of skills. Regardless of which program is right for you, know that Commercial Real Estate offers exciting opportunities. Some of the most interesting people work in the field. You can have an impact and become a leader of this wonderful industry

The expert's corner

Prof. Jan Mutl

PhD, Professor of Real Estate Economics, Academic Director Master in Real Estate

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

Real Estate is one of the most fascinating study tracks combining a myriad of fields ranging from finance, law, economics, valuation, risk management, development to investment. On top of that, Real Estate is a discipline with a tangible and substantial impact on society and economies – imagine a developed economy without buildings to work, live, and strive. But Real Estate is not only delivering a commodity, but together with other disciplines going beyond that in shaping how we want to live and work in the future.

The interdisciplinary nature of this field reflect in a potpourri of directions real estate students can specialize and devote themselves in their work lives, ranging from but not limited to real estate investment, property management, private equity, and real estate development.

Due to the impact on people and whole economies in general, a close look on what is happening in the real estate industry is imperative. Current topics include megatrends such as urbanization, digitalization, sustainability and demography in combination with classical Investment theory. Every student who is keen on, literally, building something that lasts should choose to study this field.p