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Kyoko Hayakawa

Managing Director

The NUCB Graduate School

Master students in the “Taxation” field of study develop a unique set of problem-solving skills and expert professional knowledge. Being able to provide advice to individual customers on key management issues and having the communication strength to speak confidently in corporate board room situations is essential for long-term success as a taxation professional.

The taxation course is an integral part of developing the abilities to become a professional tax accountant. Students need the know-how and capabilities to discover opportunities and plan new products and services with a variety of methods. The critical issue facing organizations in an international environment is how to stay current with cost-effective taxation management practices. The goal of students in this course is to become sophisticated and capable tax accountants working on the front line of society.

The expert's corner

In today’s world, it is necessary to provide the best solutions for national and international tax issues: investment and divestment, business internationalisation (with and without a physical presence), changes in residence for tax purposes, diversification of equity investments, obtaining tax benefits, eliminating tax contingencies, etc. Therefore, brushing up on tax issues is necessary in order to meet the high demand for lawyers specialised in taxation.