Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Real Estate / Wealth management

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Wealth Management is more than simply a financial expert giving advice on how to invest someone else's assets, it encompasses an entire person's financial history. However it does involve dealing with corporations and individuals who can be worth up to billions of dollars. Financial sectors are mainly involved in this particular specialty. Economics, real estate, banking, insurance, and law are widely used under this sphere of business. There's also such thing as private wealth management, where the same principle is applied only to high-net-worth clients.

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Students need to be fully integrated in finance and economics courses in order to begin specializing in wealth management. Afterwards, students can begin different specialties that can involve law, financial markets, investing strategies, and marketing. Students should be able to come up with effective marketing portfolios and strategies, and being able to interpret financial plans. Adaptability is also very important in this specialty, and students will need to be able to formulate correct strategies to fulfill their client's specific needs.

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There are a lot of different jobs in banking and other finance corporations available with a degree in wealth management. Various types of lawyers, tax attorneys, portfolio managers, financial advisors, and private asset managers can be very lucrative occupations, however they do require a high standard of operating and organization. In the case of the asset manager, his daily life will juggle diagnosis and solution. He will be the one who will diagnose the asset of the saver and then propose solutions adapted to their desires and their needs. He is able to evolve in banks, insurance companies and notaries. The exercise of this activity requires an ability to develop and perpetuate its clientele.

Pictogramme What about the area of this specialty in 2024?

The rise of digitalization in sectors all across the wealth management world is becoming increasingly popular. For example, in the banking industry, online banking has become a must-need among all institutions. The use of computers to handle information, allows it to be more organized, efficient, and secure than before. However with the discovery of numerous, devastating, computer system hackings around the world, which exposed millions of people's personal information, cybersecurity is also becoming a lot more valued among wealth management companies. With large amounts of private information for very high-profiled clients, wealth management is going to continue needing more security.

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