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Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

Disruptive digital technologies are game changers for companies in many ways - causing new business models, optimized business processes, more customer centricity and improved operational excellence. Digital business transformation has become a necessity for many firms to be able to survive and compete successfully. Digital technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, social media and cyber-physical systems (CPS) comprise large parts of the new digital backbone for business transformation. An understanding of technical aspects is not enough – the major challenge lies in digital innovation, governance and its implementation, eventually across different industries. The need for a new breed of digital leaders providing innovative IT solutions within a dynamic digital enterprise cannot be over-emphasized. These chief digital officers (CDOs) need to discover the potential of new emerging digital technologies and how to manage them in a multi-disciplinary team. For this key task they require adequate education in order to get ready grasping better career opportunities in all industries regardless of the individual size of a company.