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For years, the art market has been dominated and surrounded by actors in Paris, London, and New York, but it has now spread eastward towards Russia, and far East Asia. The sector that is at the heart of this specialty is finance, since a lot of banking and other financial institutions invest a lot of money into this type of market. Other common sectors connected to the art market is economics, sales and management, packing and shipping, conservation and restoration, advertising and marketing, information technology, and trade. Insurance is also a possible sector due to some of the high valued pieces being handled for business.

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To specialize in something like art markets, students generally need to have completed general classes in economics and finance management, management, communication and marketing, which then are complemented by specialized professional teachings. Furthermore, students will discover the concepts behind the law of art and its market, the taxation of art and its heritage management, but also the very expertise of works, their preservation and insurance, and the concepts and methods relating to sponsorship. Due to the growing internationalization of this type of market, fluency in English, especially in marketing and business, is extremely important.

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The positions offered to graduates of specialized training in the art market are varied. Organizers of fairs or art fairs who are responsible for cultural sponsorships, fundraisers, art experts, gallerists, auctioneers, art brokers, advisers in wealth management, or even market lawyers are all common positions under this specialty. Many people become a manager of the art market, who exercises responsibility within auction houses, antique shops, art galleries, or artistic centers.

Pictogramme What about the area of this specialty in 2024?

The biggest news to hit the art market industry since 2014 is that it has finally grew in value after contracting the past couple years. The United States still ranks the highest in terms of the total amount of business done around the world, however Asia is starting to become the next dynamic region for the art market. China has quickly climbed the ranks as the second most valuable market in the world for art dealers; it officially surpassed the United Kingdom in 2017. Combined with the rise of markets in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and India, many people in the art market are starting to prioritize Asia as their next top destination for doing business.

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