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Program overview

In today's dynamic business landscape, we seek a new breed of leaders—innovators with foresight. Elevate your managerial skills and harness the power of purpose for exceptional performance and a brighter future.

Our International Flex EMBA (i-Flex EMBA), developed with Amazon, Microsoft, Moleskine, and Vodafone, caters to busy managers balancing work commitments. Utilising a cutting-edge digital platform with Microsoft technology, we offer a unique program focusing on digital transformation. Engage in lectures by industry leaders driving digital innovation, explore Politecnico di Milano's digital labs, and join a dedicated Bootcamp on digital transformation.

Curriculum (courses, subject modules)

This programme awards a "1st level Master" degree from Politecnico di Milano, consisting of core courses, live sessions, labs, and international exchanges. Choose from 15, 20, or 32 months. Specialise in Digital Transformation or Leadership. Customize with workshops, bootcamps, and a Silicon Valley Tour for a unique learning journey.

Admission conditions

Required diploma(s) :

  • Bachelor

Employment opportunities & career impact

Employment opportunities :

Revamped Career Development in our International Flex EMBA empowers you with skills and market insights. Industry experts lead Careers Workshops, covering strategy, branding, and negotiation. Access one-2-one advisory with expert headhunters, extending post-Master support. Attend Networking events, collaborate with leading headhunters, and leverage FLEXA for ongoing connections.

Research indicates 80% achieve career progress, including role and function changes or international roles, showcasing our programme's impact.

Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Executive MBA

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The Executive MBA encompasses all the necessary requirements for any directive position in a company. The overall goal of any Executive MBA is to propel the strategic vision, the accuracy of the decision making, the access to the company's employees, the international perspective and the entrepreneurial initiative of each of their students. The purpose is to prepare with the best knowledge and skills them to the business world of our days

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The Executive MBA is designed to improve and expand the managerial skills of the participating professionals, who occupy positions of responsibility in leading companies and organizations. During this master's degree, the participant develops the necessary managerial competences of a business project of any sector, with a clear objective: lead your organization towards developing competitive advantages that are sustainable over time. Another focus of the program is to procure the alumni the knowledges and capabilities to undertake on their own.

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Studying an MBA can offer you multiple benefits. Management skills are strengthened and the future entrepreneur is filled with reasons to open his own business. To take an Executive MBA can be a good chance to update because the direction sector is not fixed or static, it moves fast and demand new challenges. Also, an Executive MBA is an excellent opportunity for candidates to expand their contact schedule. Those who have aspirations to remain in their sector or even to climb positions within it, the Executive MBA equips them with new and better tools that, in the face of labor selection processes or internal promotion, have an added value. Another focus of the program is to procure the alumni the knowledges and capabilities to undertake on their own.

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An Executive Master in Business Administration must respond to the increasing levels of demands that managers and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Aspects such as strategic vision, value addition, international perspective, corporate culture, social responsible behavior, the care of stakeholders and human capital management. They force us into lifelong learning if we are to be effective and efficient in discharging our responsibilities.

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