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Master of Science in Finance

DR. GEORGE M. JABBOURAssociate Dean for Executive Programs, Professor of Finance of George Washington University - The George Washington University School of Business of The George Washington University - The George Washington University School of Business

Our Master of Science in Finance program produces leaders in the field of Finance. The program focuses on Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Banking, Corporate Finance, and Portfolio Analysis and Management. It has been designed to combine quantitative and computer skills with financial theory and applications.

Not only is our Master's program known for its outstanding curriculum, but the caliber of our student body is top quality. As a potential candidate, you should recognize that admission to the program is highly competitive and we select only those students who appear most likely to succeed in meeting the challenges of our demanding and rigorous program.

Financial expertise, in-depth knowledge and practical hands-on training have become crucial for the success of companies and for the career of working professionals. It is for this reason that the MSF program at the George Washington University was introduced. The program started in 1993. Students complete the degree in 12 months by attending the intensive program or in 24 months by attending the regular program.

Going through this website will give you a clear idea of the time and effort necessary to attain the MSF degree at GWU. You will see that the personal investment involved is considerable, but our experience suggests that the benefits are long-term and significant. If you are an employer considering sponsoring people in the program, you should view this as you would any other investment. The costs are far outweighed by the benefits of having a highly trained competent finance professional on your staff.

George M. Jabbour, PhD
Professor of Finance, Associate Dean for Executive Programs

Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Financial Markets

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Financial markets are the communication spaces and networks that allow the trading of financial assets. During the last years, this sector has been affected and change due to the globalization, the change in the company management and the liberalization of the economic markets.

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These master allows you to improve your decisions making in the stock market and financial market, to provide participants with tools for the stock exchange and financial markets that generate value, to control the tools and instruments of planning and budgeting that support the financial decision making process and to operate in an dynamic environment. Therefore, you will develop the skills necessary to be able to successfully manage a modern enterprise from the point of view of the function of the financial advisor.

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The graduation profile of the Master’s students is of professionals in the field of assets, markets and wealth management who can access the following professional entities: banking financial institutions, financial companies not banking, investment services firms, of course, financial departments of enterprises and management agencies and enterprises in the financial markets.

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At present, the Financial Expert no longer has to carry out control tasks alone, although these remain his responsibility, but his added value as a professional will be determined by his ability to analyze and solve problems, so their actions and competencies must be oriented to a greater involvement in the strategic management of the value of the company. The market demands more flexible financial accountants for two reasons: the responsibility of the Financial Expert within the different areas of the company is expanding and the dynamism of the economy forces them to be increasingly alert from the financial point of view.

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