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Máster en Derecho Internacional de la Empresa


Program overview

The Master’s Degree in Business International Law from OBS Business School provides an effective response to the needs which the globalisation of the economic and business world has brought about for business and corporation law professionals. The programme is aimed at law professionals and legal advisors seeking to acquire intense training in the field of law that regulates private relations and businesses at international level, with the aim of obtaining the required skills and gaining a global view of the main legal systems that rule the business world.

Curriculum (courses, subject modules)

This programme is divided into two blocks:

> Business Environment: Global Business Environment; International Business Strategy and Cross Cultural Management.

> International and Business Law: International organisations law; International import and export regulations; International contracts; Intellectual and industrial property; Management and professional skills; International tax regulations and financial elements; Resolution of international conflicts; International labour law.


Business Environment Block

> Global Business Environment

This module focuses on the objectives and strategies of international businesses in the context of competition, from a global view that considers the economic situation and evolution of all 5 continents. Special emphasis will be put on the analysis of the driving forces behind international business, competitive advantages and strategies and the various methods for entering new markets. The approach will begin with a comprehensive review of the international business context and the many ways in which companies can interact (Foreign Direct Investment, outsourcing, etc.) and will then move on and focus on the commercial strategy of a company (Marketing and Sales functions).

> International Business Strategy and Cross Cultural Management

We will explore the challenges faced by modern companies regarding the organisation of their cross-border operations. We will study aspects such as comparative management, the theories of business limits, the management of networks among companies through national borders and the changing role of innovative work in the industry’s value chain.


International and Business Law Block

> International organisations law

The creation of international organisations was one of the first consequences of the advance towards a globalised world in the mid-20th century. The confluence of different local legislations for the resolution of political, economic and legal issues brought about the need to create institutional bodies with their own powers oriented towards creating frameworks for understanding that were specialised to multiple fields. Legal advisors need to understand these frameworks and the scope of these bodies, as well as their own specific role within the sector in which each company operates.

  1. World Trade Organisation (WTO): most important regulations
  2. Principal international intergovernmental organisations
  3. Bretton Woods Institutions

> International Import and Export Regulations

The introduction and sale of goods and services into multiple markets is the driving force behind internationalisation, and as time goes by, fewer companies will be exclusively operating in their local environment. Therefore, knowledge of the legal framework for import and export operations will be in high demand by companies. The fundamental content that will be covered in this module is as follows:

  1. International requirements for exportation
  2. Documents required for customs transit
  3. Customs duties and labelling regulations
  4. Insurance and health and safety regulations

> International contracts

There are many models of international contracts that consider the objectives and features of international contracting. Professionals in this field must be aware of the sources and have the knowledge required to work with the criteria that will help them to select the model that best fits each new need. Although general application criteria will be provided, the type of contracts reviewed in this module will be:

  1. International trading
  2. Court jurisdiction and applicable law 
  3. Agency agreement and distribution agreement
  4. Basic clauses of particular commercial contracts

> Intellectual and Industrial Property

Intellectual and industrial property is likely to be the type that falls under the most diverse range of legal frameworks in the world. The application of regulations related to intellectual property has only just recently been implemented in many countries, which makes this aspect a major focus of attention for many companies as they aim to avoid being the first to suffer the consequences of the application of new regulation frameworks that did not previously need to be considered.

> Management and Professional Skills

International legal advisors at global companies have progressed from carrying out a functional role involving very specific duties to being part of the management structure of the company. This is because knowledge of the international legal framework and legal implications that could imply selecting one particular business strategy over another has become increasingly relevant. This managerial role implies strengthening the managerial and management skills of legal advisors.

> International Tax Regulations and Financial Elements

The international mobility of capital and the geographic dissemination of companies provide obvious advantages for the growth of businesses, but they also pose great tax challenges. Knowing and following up on established international mechanisms is a challenge to any company aspiring to gain long-term international projection. Moreover, transparency, clarity and standardisation of financial information may be key factors for choosing whether to invest internationally in the development of a company.

> Resolution of International Conflicts

The growth of a company’s international operations will necessitate the resolution of a significant number of international controversies specific to the various dynamics of specific sectors or countries. Therefore, legal advisors will need to know and identify the most appropriate means for conflict resolution in accordance with the parties and features of the controversy that needs to be resolved.

> International Labour Law

Many internationalisation models will involve hiring employees in multiple locations around the world. Both the hiring process and the resolution of conflicts with employees will require a clear understanding of the international legal framework, but also the ability to easily understand the specific regulations of a country when operating within it.


Admission conditions

Required diploma(s) :

  • Bachelor

Tuition & Fees

Between 6500 and 6500 €

Employment opportunities & career impact

Employment opportunities :

Career Prospects

  • Business lawyers and advisors
  • Business administrators
  • Institutions supporting the internationalisation of business
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Specialised bodies
  • Lawyers and advisors
  • SMEs
  • Consulting firms
  • Multinational companies
  • Design of new business models based on collaborative economy
  • Electronic commerce
  • International transactions
  • Advising startups
  • Agencies and intermediaries

Application Deadlines

Master’s Degree in International Business Law Certificate

The people who pass the programme evaluation and comply with the academic requirements, established by the University of Barcelona (UB), will receive a UB qualification.

In order to obtain a UB qualification, you need to have a University Degree (Engineer’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree for four years or Bachelor’s Degree for three years). If you do not have a University Degree, once you have passed the different evaluations you will receive an extension diploma from UB.

Faculty profiles

El Claustro OBS, diseñado desde una perspectiva global, es una de las claves de la experiencia de aprendizaje de la Escuela, al combinar conocimientos empresariales reales con el rigor académico necesario para la formación integral del alumno. Todos los profesores son practitioners, profesionales en activo en destacadas empresas e instituciones, tanto nacionales como internacionales, con una amplia trayectoria tanto en la empresa como en la actividad formativa.

El profesorado de OBS está formado por más de 390 docentes y profesionales, con aproximadamente un 40% procedente de 25 países. Tanto la contrastada experiencia de los Directores de Programa a la hora de diseñar los contenidos como la tutela personalizada de nuestros profesores a lo largo del curso, con la garantía que da la titulación el valor práctico que las empresas requieren hoy en día

Campus facilities & Student Life

Servicios de OBS Business School: OBS Experience

Uno de los objetivos principales de OBS Business School es garantizar el aprendizaje del alumno no sólo en el ámbito académico, sino también en otros aspectos que permiten que la experiencia de aprendizaje sea lo más enriquecedora posible. Por este motivo, desde OBS ponemos a disposición del alumno los siguientes servicios.


Eventos online

  • Ciclo para Emprendedores

Programa de 10 sesiones que aborda los aspectos relativos al emprendimiento en una startup como la propia motivación para ser un emprendedor, las circunstancias internas y externas que se deben tener en cuenta, la creación de la idea y la importancia del equipo para que funcione, y la definición del modelo de negocio y su visualización, entre otros.


  • Web Conferences

Conferencias online emitidas en streaming a través del canal de YouTube de OBS Business School y con una periodicidad mensual. El objetivo de estas Web Conferences es presentar al alumno la experiencia y el conocimiento de profesionales y expertos en temas relacionados con nuevas tendencias, actualidad tecnológica, nuevos modelos de negocio y, en definitiva, la innovación dentro del Management actual. Para ello desde OBS se invitan cada mes a expertos, profesionales y directivos de todos los ámbitos del sector de los Recursos Humanos.


Portal de Empleo de OBS Business School

El Portal de Empleo sirve como punto de encuentro entre alumnos, antiguos alumnos, empresas colaboradoras y otros colectivos empresariales interesados en profesionales formados en la Escuela. Dentro del Portal, tenemos la actividad del Servicio de Carreras Profesionales, la cual se centra en tres puntos:

  • Servicios de asesoría: Orientar y desarrollar las carreras profesionales de alumnos y antiguos alumnos de OBS.
  • Contacto con empresas: Facilitar a los alumnos el acceso a empresas reclutadoras a través de presentaciones corporativas, del Foro de Empleo Online, la participación en Graduate Programmes y otras actividades profesionales.
  • Herramientas para la búsqueda de empleo: OBS Business School pone a disposición de todos sus alumnos, tanto la bolsa de empleo online como el directorio de empresas reclutadoras, con la idea de facilitar la búsqueda de un primer empleo o una mejora profesional a nuestros alumnos.


Foro de Empleo Online

Celebrado anualmente, en el Foro de Empleo Online multinacionales de distintos sectores ponen a disposición de los alumnos de OBS las mejores ofertas laborales disponibles para trabajar tanto en España como en el resto del mundo.

En la pasada edición, durante 7 días cargados de oportunidades laborales, 28 empresas nacionales y multinacionales esperaron a los mejores alumnos de OBS. Entre ellas se encontraban multinacionales como Accenture, Adecco, Banco Mediolanum, Beiersdorf, Carrefour Property, Decathlon, Dell, Deloitte, Desigual, EY, Grupo Planeta, Leroy Merlín, Grupo Meliá, MSD, Nestlé, Novartis, Philip Morris International o Samsung, entre otras muchas. Además, también tuvimos el placer de contar con empresas centradas en el mercado profesional latinoamericano, como Unión Andina o Voyer Internacional.


Eventos presenciales

Con el objetivo de seguir brindando mayores herramientas para el desarrollo profesional, en OBS también organizamos una serie de eventos presenciales en diferentes países como oportunidad de establecer networking y compartir conocimientos y experiencias con otros compañeros y alumnos.

Durante el año 2015 se llevaron a cabo varios eventos como el Workshop sobre Liderazgo Optimista en Bogotá, dirigido a los alumnos y antiguos alumnos de la Escuela o las Inauguraciones de Curso de OBS celebradas en diferentes países y retransmitidas también de forma online. Además, el pasado mes de febrero de este nuevo año se celebró la reunión anual del claustro de profesores que contó con más de 100 asistentes.

Además, el pasado mes de julio se celebró la Graduación de los alumnos del curso académico 2018-2019 de OBS Business School, una oportunidad para conocer y felicitar personalmente a los estudiantes que pudieron asistir y también para recordar a aquellos que no pudieron hacerlo, y es que a pesar de que teníamos graduados de todas partes del mundo, pudimos contar con la asistencia de alumnos de hasta 26 países distintos.


Biblioteca Digital de Management

El alumno de OBS tiene acceso a la Biblioteca Digital de Management, con más de 13.000 volúmenes y suscripciones a publicaciones de revistas como Times, a su disposición.