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Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) in Human Resource Management


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Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Human Resources Management

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The entire company lies on its ability to respond to the goals in a dynamic environment in the most profitable way. This requires that suitable people, with the right combination of knowledge and skills, are in the right place and at the right time to do the necessary work in the best way. The organizations are carry out by people; who makes the advances, the achievements and mistakes. That is why they are the most valuable resource in any society. Nowadays, companies are investing each day more in their Human Resources, which can define the future and the prospective of the company.

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These master allows the Human Resources professionals to handle and manage the RR.HH department of a company. They will be able to apply the most innovative and effective talent management techniques. The future human resources expert will learn to manage the human capital of a company, the remuneration, the recruitment and the prevention from occupational risks and labor extinction. Also, he could select, retain and motivate the talent that brings more advantages to the company. On the other hand, he will be capable to address changes in organizations and new organizational models, to make the most of the new technologies available and use new leadership and staff training techniques.

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S. XXI companies need more than just a selection of people. They are committed to the management of talent, the retention of it and leadership of professional teams. This Master's Degree prepares you to work in the field of human resources, leadership and promotion of people in public or private sector organizations, selection consultants and human resources management, temporary work agencies, consultancies specializing in training and development of human capital, etc. According to the Sixth Spring Professional Report on Qualifications with More Professional Outputs from the Adecco Group, the sector in industrial relations and human resources occupies the ninth position among the university degrees with greater demand in the labor market in Europe. In general, job prospects for people who have been trained in some field of human resources are good. More and more private companies and government institutions are demanding specialists in work organization and human resources. Their roles and activities include: human resources management and management design, management and evaluation of social and labor policies, advice on employment and local development, training and career guidance teacher, external consultant specializing in recruitment, security, agreements, labor disputes, etc.

Pictogramme Human Resources Management in 2024

The five major trends in Human Resources for 2024, according to the analysis carried out by Top Employers Institute, between the 1.300 certified companies in 115 countries are: the design of strategies that place employees at the center of the organization, the change management processes that involve the personal, the innovative communication formats, the obtention of the data impacting the business and setting up work environments with clear values. It is certified a tendency which centers the human capital in the key of succeed of a company.

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