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Audencia Nantes

Sport remains and will remain a niche market in terms of jobs in relation to other more traditional economic sectors. Nevertheless, it offers opportunities for people who want to make this passion of sport their job, provided they have a broader vision of this sector.

Beyond the sporting professions (i.e., player, coach, referee and the organizations that employ them) entry into this sector can be made through very diverse channels: communication agencies, media, Manufacturers, distributors, associations, local authorities, etc. These employers will increasingly rely on cross-sectoral skills among their employees (marketing, management, finance, Project management, law, etc.), clearly favoring profiles combining dual skills.

This emerging sector clearly demonstrates that it is in tune with societal trends, as sport plays a growing role in our societies, aligned with other fields of activity, such as recreational sport, health sport , Sport and education, sport and business. So many interfaces that are the source of new trades to fill.