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Master of Professional Studies in Health and Wellness Management

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Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Wellness Management

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In recent years, finding new ways to promote physical health and mental well-being have become very popular among people today, especially millennials. Wellness management is oriented mainly in health and semi-basic medical practices. Therefore health care, education, athletics management and training, and nutrition are popular fields for future professionals. Wellness management is all about learning how to take care of one's health, which could lead to certain types of scientific practices and therapies.

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Courses taken in wellness management involves a variety of sciences. Human anatomy and physiology are a couple of the most common classes students must take. Students have the option of concentrating in the management and treatment of chronic diseases as well. Nutrition, kinesiology, and exercise prescription are some other common courses available. There is also the possibility in specializing in the physical activity and aging of older persons.

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There are many different, high paying jobs that people with a post-graduate degree in wellness management can qualify for. Physical therapists, nutritionist, dietitians, and personal trainers are some of the most popular choices among this specialty. Due to the rising popularity of people trying to become more fit, the salaries of these specialties are continuing to rise. It is also possible to become a public health educator, a community health worker, a health services manager, or a health coach. Health promotions adviser, life enrichment coordinators, and health improvement managers are other jobs one can get with this degree.

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With mental health awareness rising extensively in recent years, as well as the attempt to tackle any form of widespread obesity among populations, the use of wellness management is continuing to rise, and doesn't show any sides of slowing down. A growing number of companies are starting to focus more on expanding their health programs, and now these are becoming more personalized. This year, companies are trying to increase participation among workers to attend these programs by making them simpler. Moreover, health professionals continue to stress the importance of getting a better nights rest. Most importantly, Artificial Intelligence software is beginning to play a role in these wellness programs.

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