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Máster en Transformación Digital y Desarrollo de Negocio

SANTIAGO ROMáNProgramme Director Master in Digital Business and Business Development of OBS Business School

For several years we have been witnessing the transition from an analogue society to a new digital society (new technologies, business models, ways of organising and communicating, etc.), and the disruptive changes this implies to the way we do business and structure workloads.

As a consequence of this, profound changes have been experienced by the majority of economic sectors; new companies have appeared with new corporate cultures that have shaken up the pre-existing status quo in many economic sectors, leading to new and completely different configurations.

We are living in an era of change characterised by a surrounding complexity, ambiguity, volatility and pace. Society is demanding more transparency and integrity in how we communicate with each other and, at the same time, we are experiencing an exponential growth in information (external, unstructured, open and in real time) that needs to be managed in order to make decisions. New technologic tools have arisen that you will study in this Master’s Degree in Digital Business Management which will allow you to manage a company more efficiently. This is a challenging environment that demands new capabilities, professional and personal competencies, all of which you will assimilate during this programme.

Therefore, the Master’s Degree in Business Development OBS, teached in Spanish, is focused on the key aspects for successfully facing this new environment, both from a technical and human perspective. A necessity for current digital professionals and entrepreneurs.


Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in E-Business and Digital Marketing

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The e-business consists of introducing communication technologies to carry out the activities of a business. It is a change in the traditional concept of making business based on the access to internet to markets and resources in a world interconnected and globalized. This new approach covers the whole range of economic activities accomplished on the Internet, whether for the sale of products or the provision of services. The only universal requirement for e-business is a computer and an Internet connection.

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The Master’s Degree in E-Business is aimed at digital enthusiasts who want to expand their skills and become high-level executives in management, marketing, communication and evolve in a highly technological environment. The prospective students should have an entrepreneurship spirit who wish to optimize the processes involved in demand, the design, configuration and integration of the set of elements of a virtual business project, both in the managerial and management areas and in the field of business administration and technological design. The objectives of the program are three: to acquire managerial skills in the digital sector, to know how to use all digital levers to generate economic activity in digital and to be propel to high-level positions in digital sector.

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According to Forbes, since 2007 and only in the USA, the E-Business sector, including fulfillment centers, has created 355,000 new jobs. That growth far exceeds the 51,000 jobs lost since 2007 in the "general retail" sector, which includes the brick and mortar retailers competing most directly with e-business: electronics stores; clothing, shoes and jewelry stores; sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument and book stores; and general merchandise stores, including department stores and super centers. Another data which proofs the importance of this sector is the growth of 11,9% in the first semester of 2019 in France. The specialization in this sector can lead to the following jobs: social media manager, digital entrepreneur, traffic analyst, E and M-Business project manager, product development manager E and M-commerce, SEO consultant, SMO consultant, director E-communication and online campaign manager

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In E-Business takes part in different aspects of the business world:

  • Traffic acquisition, traffic management and space purchase.
  • Big Data
  • Community management
  • Wed development, web design and video
  • Strategies and system’s development
  • E-Business strategies

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