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Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne - École de Management de la Sorbonne
Master Gestion de l'Entreprise à l'International (GEAI)

MARION GOFFINProgram Director of Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne - École de Management de la Sorbonne

The Master's degree in International Management (GEAI) offers multidisciplinary training in management in an international context. Since 1989, it has been training future executives and managers for senior positions in large companies, consulting firms and international organizations.

A selective application process, quality teaching at the prestigious University of Paris 1 Sorbonne and a network of 900 graduates are the basis of the reputation of the Master GEAI in France and abroad.

The Master's program takes into account the realities of the business world and integrates them with the issues of the twenty-first century: green finance, circular economy, sustainable development, diversity and inclusion. Taught in English and French, the courses are organized in three areas: international management, international finance, and international economic and legal environments.

Why choose the Master Master's degree in International Management (GEAI)?

"Knowledge for all, excellence for everyone" The Master GEAI is ranked each year among the best courses in France in international management. As a public institution, our program has one of the most competitive prices in the market. Each class have 25 students with varied backgrounds: management, law, management, economics, political science and engineering.

"Here and everywhere on earth" is Sorbonne's motto. The Master GEAI participates in its international influence by admitting 50% of international students in its classes s numerous exchanges with our partner universities. This cultural diversity is the secret of the success of our program and an asset for our student's future careers. Our program has a  strong network of alumni present in nearly 50 countries.

An asset for your career

The GEAI Master's program offers a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, with courses/lectures given by academics and professionals (Sanofi, Accenture, IBM, LVMH, etc.).

You will be able to do up to 3 internships during your program (M1-M2-Gap-year), in France or abroad, and will quickly be recognized for your skills and your ability to implement them in the business of your choice.

The multidisciplinary nature of the courses will enable you to approach the company as a whole and to accompany its transformations. You will thus be prepared to seize the best opportunities for professional development on the international scene.

Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in International Management

Pictogramme The Sector of International Management

Nowadays, we live in globalized world. Globalization affects all areas of political, economic and social life. The economic markets, the societies and the cultures are interconnected through the new technologies. This makes it necessary for professionals to acquire an international vision for management and familiarize themselves with global techniques and tools, especially in the in the field of economy and business. The sector of international business is management with an emphasis on the international aspects of management needed in today’s business world. The sector integrates all the compounds of all the areas of business activity in order to develop the most reliable policies and strategies that successfully achieve the objectives of a company in an international and dynamic environment.

Pictogramme Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in International Management

The Master in International Management pursues to train professionals manage companies which operate internationally or to be capable of leading the internationalization process of an organization. This includes: the design, the implementation and the direction of the process to open up to new markets. Therefore, the objective is to train professionals with all the necessary knowledge of the environments in which the company operates, the international economic situation, the institutional framework and the laws and to provide a clear understanding of the economic interdependence that govern markets and sectors and affect the art of business.

Pictogramme To Work in International Management

The importance of international business is bigger than ever as companies around the world become more connected. The world of international business requires experienced professionals with advanced knowledge in various fields of management with the specialization of international. Also this sector demands personal skills such as to be flexible, creative and to have the capability to adapt quickly and easily. These professionals must work and use a different management techniques depending on the country they approach. The prospective professional must be capable to work and manage a company in a dynamic environment with different scenarios and a high level of uncertainty.

Pictogramme International Management in 2019

In a globalized world, companies are working to adapt to this new situation and extract all the benefits which it offers. They required for their new professionals develop strategic vision to enter into new market. Another necessary ability is to be able make informed decisions in a global and dynamic environment using a big quantity of data. It is important to be able to apply the principles of international brand construction and management, creating products adapted for a public of different cultures.

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