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Master in Communication, Marketing & Advertising


Program overview

The Master’s allows students to develop skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the marketing interface with the strategy of the organizations.

The course is renowned for the high employability rate of its students. This stems from its combination of a solid theoretical training and the application of knowledge to concrete cases in order to boost the autonomy of students in terms of the development of professional projects as well as scientific research.

Curriculum (courses, subject modules)

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Admission conditions

Required diploma(s) :

  • Bachelor

Tuition & Fees

Between 7500 and 8000 €

For detailed information about tuition fees, please visit our website.

Employment opportunities & career impact

Annual salary after graduation

  • Average Salary : 15820 € (EUR)
  • Minimum Salary : 10850 € (EUR)
  • Maximum Salary : 18200 € (EUR)

Average time for obtaining the first job offer : Less than 3 months

Employment opportunities :

  • Company marketing departments
  • Advertising and publicity agencies
  • Consultancy activities for marketing and advertising
  • Corporate relations with internal and external stakeholders
  • Internal communication
  • Press offices

Program enrolment information and statistics

Students Age
Average age 22 years

Application Deadlines

Early Bird

  • Applications: from February 22 to March 26
  • Interviews: on a rolling basis
  • Posting of Results: April 12
  • Registration and Enrollment: from April 13 to 22

1st Phase

  • Applications: from April 13 to May 14
  • Interviews: on a rolling basis
  • Posting of Results: May 26
  • Registration and Enrollment: from May 27 to June 8

2nd Phase

  • Applications: May 27 to July 2
  • Interviews: on a rolling basis
  • Posting of Results: July 14
  • Registration and Enrollment: from July 15 to 23

Campus facilities & Student Life

We challenge our students to explore the city of Lisbon, one of the most hospitable cities in the world. In addition to the vast historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage, the city offers different activities to explore the essence of the country.

Lisbon offers a wide range of student accommodation, from university residences to rooms or shared houses. In addition to the Feminine University Residence available to the Catholic University, the Faculty of Human Sciences has partnerships with residences located in the heart of the city that make some discounts to students of the Faculty.

Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Marketing

Pictogramme The Sector of Western Marketing

Nowadays, the companies have to sell their products and offers in a high competitive and dynamic world. The new technologies and the amount of data available owe the companies to invest a large extent of their resources in Marketing and Sales. The finality is to create an unique brand which can be sell in different western target markets profiting of the data analysis and the new channels of communication, such as social media or blogs.

Pictogramme Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in Western Marketing

The Master in Western Marketing looks for the students to finish with the capacities of understanding and applying marketing fundamentals and strategies in accordance with the company's strategy. The will acquire the techniques to obtain information about the market situation and the different scenarios. Therefore, the students will develop the skills necessary in identifying opportunities, threats and changes to the company's competitive environment and they will be able to adapt the company's strategy according to possible scenarios in order to create the best business strategy. Also a clear understanding of the commercial trends and be able to change and adapt to the dynamic environment in order to overcome the competence.

Pictogramme To Work in Western Marketing

Western Marketing is a rising sector due to the increase in the use of data, the diversity of ways to access the target market and the IT tech advances, the futures prospectives up to 2024 are: a 19 percent rate of growth for marketing research analysts, about a 9 percent in marketing managers and 6 percent in social media managers.

There are various job titles for Marketing expertise, including product manager, brand manager, digital marketing manager, key account manager or marketing technician

Pictogramme Western Marketing in 2024

In a globalized world, companies are working relentlessly to adapt to the western interconnected world. They required for their new professionals develop strategic thinking to enter in new markets with an international western perspective. Another necessary ability is to be able make informed decisions in a global and dynamic environment and see market opportunities using a big quantity of data. It is important to be able to apply the principles of international western brand construction and management, creating products adapted for international western markets.

Due to new technologies, it is important to optimize the quality and content of the company's websites, social networks and virtual communities. The development of strategies and campaigns in mobile device applications, as well as on social networks, is a remarkable part of the job. Future workers must take into account the planning on offline and online channels, the creation of efficiently digital marketing strategies and the understand the sales process in international contexts B2B

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