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The sectors of big data management fall under the same ones as data analysis, because they use the same skillsets and are extremely complementary to one another. Big data is used, nowadays, all across the board from banking and securities, communications, media, entertainment, healthcare, education, manufacturing, natural resources, government, insurance, retail, wholesale trade, transportation, and energy. This shows how much technology is beginning to impact all sectors of the business world.

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Apart from data analysis which is strictly for developing specific algorithms and programs in order to facilitate the transferring of big data across different networks, data management uses big data information in other ways. The information collected from these big data algorithms allows data managers to assist in international studies and government-related questions. This discipline combines the mathematic side of big data analyzing, with the information needed for governments to make better decisions involving domestic and international matters. Big data managers still have to take many of the same classes involving mathematics like statistics and probability theory, but they also sometimes have to take classes that involve government.

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Since the classes and skills developed are practically the same, apart from minor differences, students with a degree in data management are able to acquire the same types of jobs as data analysts. Jobs include database administrator, data scientist, data architect, and database manager. These jobs are more about managing a company's database, and to mediate the interactions between business executives and data analysts. Big data managers could also have more options working in government positions.

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Similar to the future of data analytics, there are many different programs that are being developed or are currently rising in popularity for making the lives of business executives easier to manage their companies. The cloud is becoming one of the most popular systems among corporations, because it makes data storage and information transfers much easier and quicker than before. In addition, the growth of big data is rising exponentially. Sales through big data are expected to exceed hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Almost every big enterprise will be using big data as a service to generate revenue, and the factor of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make the value of global businesses be worth over a trillion dollars.

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