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MSc Marketing parcours Communication et Management d’Evènements


Program overview

With the MSc Marketing programme, students benefit from a dual approach.

The MSc Marketing is designed to give students the opportunity to access to 80% of the marketing jobs through advanced core courses and a choice of 4 elective expertise tracks targeted to develop specific competencies (jobs or areas).

A company will follow the students throughout conferences, job dating, case studies, workshops, applied research problems, etc. in order to acquire a real professional experience.

Curriculum (courses, subject modules)


Advanced content to develop key marketing competencies

  • Culture, consumption and marketing
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Digital marketing
  • Sustainable Marketing
  • Marketing Decision Making
  • Contextual Marketing

Optional Specialisation Course

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Data Analytics & IA
  • Luxury Experience Management


Specific focus on expertise targeted on specific profession or, sectors

You must select an EET of your choice: 4 available:

BRAND MANAGEMENT - Bordeaux & Marseille

• Experiential branding & consumption
• Product & innovation management
• Communication & creative strategy
• Communities & social media
• Trade & in-store marketing
• Advanced Quantitative Methods
• Data analytics & user behavior
• Sales Negotiation & Leadership

Key points
• Case study with world class brands
• “Brand Days”: a complete immersion within a brand
• Marketing simulation game


• Selling products and solutions
• Global strategic customer management
• Sales force management
• Negotiation and social selling
• Salesforce software training
• Specific BtoB relationships: retail, SME’s - BtoB digital transformation
• Financial impact of negotiation
• Legal context in BtoB relationships

Key points
• To take opportunities in B2B businesses
• Case study with industry leaders
• Salesforce training

COMMUNICATION & EVENT MANAGEMENT – Marseille (Partly taught in French)

• Communication strategy
• Experiential branding & consumption
• Communities & social media
• Legal context of marketing partnerships
• Event project management
• Graphic and video creation

Key points
• Case studies with industry leaders in communication
• Strong involvement with stakeholders in the sports
• Project management in groups


• Cultural Branding & Consumption in a Global Marketing
• International Retail Strategies
• Sales & Negotiation in an international context
• Intercultural management
• Creative Thinking & Methods
• Advanced Qualitative Research
• Advanced Quantitative Research

Key points
• A cultural perspective of marketing and consumption
• A managerial approach of international marketing strategies & business development
• A better understanding of consumers at the cultural level



Admission conditions

Required diploma(s) :

  • Bachelor

Employment opportunities & career impact

Employment opportunities :

Jobs in Customer Experience

  • Consultant
  • Customer experience manager
  • Consumer experience manager
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Product developer
  • Product owner
  • Project manager
  • Customer insight specialist
  • Research officer

Jobs in International Marketing

  • International brand manager
  • Product manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Communication manager
  • International project manager
  • International sales developer

Jobs in Business Development & Negotiation

  • Key account manager
  • Strategic customer manager
  • Business developer
  • Head of development
  • Sales manager
  • Regional director
  • Sales area manager
  • Business marketing manager
  • Category manager

Jobs in Brand management

  • Brand manager
  • Product manager
  • Trade marketing manager
  • Social media marketing manager

Jobs in Communication, Media & Event management

  • Communication manager
  • Events manager
  • Sponsorship manager
  • Events project manager
  • Partnership manager
  • PR manager
  • Events producer
  • Influencer
  • Advertising manager
  • Community manager

Application Deadlines

Short Track :

Admission level : International Bachelor's degree (4 years)

Duration : 18 months

Degree : Master of Science

Campus : Bordeaux / Marseille

Language : English

Long Track :

Admission level : Bachelor's degree

Duration : 30 months

Degree : Master of Science

Campus : Bordeaux / Marseille

Language : English

Faculty profiles

KEDGE Business School's faculty is made up of almost 183 full-time lecturers and several hundred professional and academic speakers who teach at our French and international campuses.

The full-time faculty is comprised of lecturers-researchers, 90% of whom hold a PhD. 44% are international professors from over 30 different countries.

Due to the dynamics of the merger process, globalisation and the growth Kedge Business School is experiencing, it now boasts a substantial and incredibly diverse faculty, a strong asset in the face of new challenges in the fields of research and education.

Academic Excellence:

KEDGE is one of the European leaders in academic research on management, with a very ambitious research output.


KEDGE produces the equivalent of one article in a top-ranking journal every day.

In the 2017 ranking of best schools for research in management performed by L'Etudiant, the leading French magazine covering student orientation, KEDGE Business School came out on top in France with a total of 103 articles across all categories published by its faculty in 2015.

This exceptional performance is the result of its excellence strategy applied since the School's creation in 2013.

With three Centres of Excellence: Marketing, Supply Chain and CSR, and five Centres of Expertise: Wine & Spirits, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Health Management, Finance Reconsidered and Creative Industries & Culture, the School affirms its academic expertise on several key issues in management sciences.

Campus facilities & Student Life



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A multilingual team is at your disposal 6 days a week to help you to find and book accommodation.

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For further questions, do not hesitate to contact our housing advisor:

Arrival information

Pick up assistance

KEDGE BS and its International Students Association Melting Potes offer every semester to International Students a pick-up service from “Bordeaux Mérignac (BOD)” airport and “Bordeaux Gare Saint Jean” train station. The dates of the pick-up service will be communicated through the dedicated orientation session KEDGE BS website.


The International Students Association Melting Potes supports the International Office in facilitating the integration of international students among the French students through the organization of activities all year round.

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Life in Bordeaux

More information related to the city of Bordeaux, transportation, accommodation, estimated expenses, health & insurance, banks, visas, scholarships… can be found on the “International Student Handbook”.

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The Housing service of KEDGE Business School is available on a single platform.

You will find housing offers from private landlords, real estate agencies and student residences.

A multilingual team is at your disposal 6 days a week to help you to find and book accommodation.

To connect, sign up using your school email address and password of your choice

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact our housing advisor:

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Student handbook - Marseille (PDF - 3.4 MB)

Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Event and Leisure Management

Pictogramme The Sector of Event and Leisure Management

Event and Leisure management is a new sector of enterprise that has a focus on sustainability. Tourism is a challenging but rewarding industry and an education in this sector leads to a vibrant and evolutionary career that is marked by constant change and growth. To be a part of such a ever evolving industry means that for years to come they will be able to obtain a plethora of exciting skills. This is a very social sector that will allow those within it to establish life skills throughout their professional growth within the sector. Involvement in event and leisure management will allow people to have contact with people from all over the world; making it a truly enriching experience.

Pictogramme Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in Event and Leisure Management

Obtaining a higher degree in Event and Leisure Management would see students learning about the fundamental characteristics of the tourism industry. Courses regarding business will also be at the core of their education as those who study event management must know skills such as coordination, human resourcing, and consolidation of tasks which are all business aspects. Students can also train locally or overseas in this industry as a part of their schooling, with a specific focus on their area of event and leisure management being emphasized. What makes this educational field unique is that there is a concentration on hands on experience; making this an interactive experience for students who pursue degrees in this field.

Pictogramme To Work in the Specialty Sector of Event and Leisure Management

Working in this industry can ensure a wide array of different career opportunities. For example, students will have exposure to all industries but can specifically choose to work in varying sectors such as Event tourism, Art tourism, or Sports tourism. Any specific interest that one is passionate about can be found as a career focus in this field. Jon descriptions in this field include overseeing events, organizing circuits for major entertainment entities such as cruise ships and travel agencies. One could also find themselves working for in the hotel industry implementing changes and sector shifts to ensure guests have rewarding experiences no matter where they come from. This is truly an industry that makes the world smaller.

Pictogramme Event & Leisure Management in 2019

This year, the sector of Event and Leisure Management is focused on global trends. Sectors of tourism has extended to technology tourism as we enter the new age of digitalization. In addition to technological tourism, there is a connection to the sector of social media tourism as well. Technology is affecting tourism this era because of aspects such as, firstly, there are the smartphone developments to consider that are so significant to our society. There has been a rush recently to further digitalize tourism; through tools such as the smartphone where you can check in for flights, book hotels, and deal with practically every other aspect of tourism that exists. There is also the newly developed field of biometrics that affects the event management sector. Biometrics refers to the practice of identity recognition through technology. This involves finger print recognition, electronic passports, and other means of digital recognition.

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