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Healthcare is the most notable area that professionals in Health Economics/Public Health deal with. It has become very strenuous in many economies around the world with the age of populations getting higher. Healthcare by itself offers a sufficient amount of different fields to go into, like management and policy, social services, manufacturing of equipment, nutrition, science (social, behavioral, environmental), economics, and medicine.

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Universities offer a wide range of courses across multiple programs involving Health Economics/Public Health. Classes on advanced economic and management courses related to healthcare, governmental public policy courses linked to medicine, and biostatistics and Chronic Disease Epidemiology are popular among prospective, post-graduate students. Mathematics are also used throughout many of the programs for Public Health, especially classes that teach statistics, data analysis, and probability. In addition, labs are a big part of these programs.

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Since medicine, and healthcare in general, is constantly expanding, so are the job opportunities. With a degree in health economics, someone could work as a health economist, health data analyst, or a nursing or research program manager. With a public health degree, jobs can include health program specialists, project coordinators, community engagement specialists, and behavior health strategic initiative specialists. Social workers, Public Health Intelligence Specialists, Clinical Services Officers, and Relief Support Workers also qualify with these degrees.

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There are many noticeable trends and demographic changes in the field of health economics and public health. Controversy surrounding the pricing among different drugs, depending on their effectiveness has been rising this year. New drugs and therapies are constantly being developed, but now they are also trying to become more personalized for individual patients. Debates on whether or not universal healthcare systems are more effective at delivering better care continue more than ever, and tackling the widespread problem of aging populations is causing the price of healthcare to skyrocket. Workers are continuing to figure out how to make healthcare become more accessible for everyone via the Internet, and to hopefully drive down the costs.

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