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Exclusive counsel

Admission Process

Step 1Online application at join.kedge.edu
Step 2Application documents examination
Step 3Skype Interview
Application start dates October to July
Application Form Application process entirely online
Mandatory testing for application process
Language level tests
Admission exams
Admission exams

This is a 30-minute Skype interview for all applicants regardless of their nationality or location. As soon as your application file is registered, you will receive an email from KEDGE to organise your interview.

IMPORTANT: Apply as soon as possible because of the visa procedure.

The admission is made on your file examination + skype interview.

No mandatory tests

GMAT / GRE score will be to the candidate’s advantage

Personal interview in the process selection

This is a 30-minute Skype interview for all applicants regardless of their nationality or location. As soon as your application file is registered, you will receive an email from KEDGE to organise your interview.

Application Checklist

Academic Documents required
  • Undergraduate Diploma copy
  • GPA results
Academic Documents required
  • 2 Photographs
  • Photocopy of ID Card / Passport
  • Photocopy of university degree

Scholarships & Financial Aid


At KEDGE, we strongly believe that students shouldn’t abandon their education projects because of funding problems. This is why we have launched a financial support plan aimed specifically at helping international students:

- 10% Early Bird discount for non-French candidates until Feb. 29, 2020.
- Achievement Scholarship of 2,000€ and Excellence Scholarship of 4,000€ for non-French candidates.

45% of our international students were granted a KEDGE scholarship in 2019.


Admissions Office - Contacts

Name : Mr Damien COSTELLO
E-mail : damien.costello@kedgebs.com
Phone : +33 (0) 607 974 253

Name : M Gilles LESPADE
E-mail : gilles.lespade@kedgebs.com
Phone : +33(0)5 56 84 22 47

Name : Ms Catherine MAISONNEUVE
E-mail : catherine.maisonneuve@kedgebs.com
Phone : +33 (0)5 56 84 63 69

Name : M Junyao LIU
E-mail : Junyao.Liu@kedgebs.com
Phone : +86 (0)21 8023 8533

Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Purchasing

Pictogramme The Sector of Purchasing

This sector of business is a field that involves managing the practice of buying and selling goods. The importance of this sector is just beginning to become evident, as it is becoming prevalent and understood that the selling and buying practices of a corporation can detrimentally or positively affect is economic growth. It is important that companies continue to keep overhead costs down to promote profit; thus, leading to increased demand for professionals in this field.

Pictogramme Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in Purchasing

A secondary masters degree in Purchasing will allow students to garner an education that is focused on economic development and business management skills. To have within this field students will be trained in business development and strategies related to growth as well. Purchasing involves strategic decision making and problem solving skills. To develop this skillset, those studying purchasing will take classes regarding sociology and economy to help guide them through this factor.

Pictogramme To Work in the sector of Purchasing

Working in the special sector of selling and purchasing involves a utilization of specialized skills. Having experience in economic development, human resources, and a unique knack for gauging needs of customers and consumers are all necessary to ensure professional success in this sector. The hands on experience acquired through the educational courses in this field will prepare all who choose to join the sector with the tools to be successful within this field which has incredible growth potential as well.

Pictogramme This area of specialty in 2019

In 2019, the sector of purchasing management focuses on trend observation and research on demographics of any specific product targeted group. For example, each generation has different spending habits and patterns throughout periods in time. Some time ago, the largest spenders on makeup may have been middle aged women; now it is adolescent or teenage girls. The demographic has shifted and it is up to purchasing managers to observe, package, and adjust their purchasing and selling habits accordingly to ensure management success. The purchasing sector in 2019 involves being aware of the social market and their trends as well.

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