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MSc International Trade and Logistics


Program overview

  • A certified Level 1 diploma, a degree ranked amongst the leading MSc programmes in international trade
  • A Master of Science accredited by the Conférence des Grandes écoles (FRENCH ACCREDITATION FOR BUSINESS AND ENGINEERING SCHOOLS)
  • Course sanctioned by the Certificat des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur Français (CCEF).
  • Triple expertise: international trade, logistics, transportation.
  • 70% of our lecturers are practitioners
  • Extensive and powerful professional and alumni networks
  • Strong career prospects in a wide range of high-potential specializations and industries
  • Conferences and field visits, for a concrete view of operational matters
  • Presentation of case studies and group projects before jury panels made up of practicing professionals.

Curriculum (courses, subject modules)


Upgrade in international trade and finance 

  • International risk management
  • International strategy
  • International transport management
  • International carriage law
  • Logistics, fundamentals concepts
  • Taxation & Customs operations
  • Presentation of a project in front of a professional panel



• International negotiation
• Law of international contracts
• Geopolitics and international finance
• Multimodal transport management
• Logistics, flows and inventory management

OPTION 1 Advance in Logistics

Innovation & digital operations - CSR and operations management

OPTION 2 Advance in Maritime & Trade 

Innovation & digitalization- Blue ocean economy






Admission conditions

Required diploma(s) :

  • Bachelor
  • Master

Tuition & Fees

Between 16500 and 25000 €


You need to connect on

We’ll get back to you within 15 days maximum


  • CV
  • Copy of your passport
  • Highest degree certification
  • Certificate of achievement or transcript of your current studies
  • TOEFL ≥ 500  / IBT ≥ 80 / TOEIC ≥ 750 /  IELTS ≥ 5,5 except for students who have studied in English abroad (at least 2 years)
  • 120 euros of application fee to pay online to send your application. (Prior to submitting your online application, you will be prompted to pay the non-refundable application fee. The application fee must be paid online by credit card when you submit your application. Your application will not be complete until we receive payment of the application fee. The application fee may not be applied toward any future applications at KEDGE Business School.)

NOT MANDATORY - Other documents

  • Other degree
  • Recommandation/Cover letter
  • University/school certificate
  • GMAT / GRE score will be to the candidate’s advantage


This is a 30-minute Skype interview for all applicants regardless of their nationality or location. As soon as your application file is registered, you will receive an email from KEDGE to organise your interview.


IMPORTANT: Apply as soon as possible because of the visa procedure.

The admission is made on your file examination + skype interview.

Employment opportunities & career impact

Average time for obtaining the first job offer : 98% of graduates find a job within 6 months after graduation

Employment opportunities :

This very hands-on programme opens up careers in a wide range of high-potential functions:

INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Export Sales Manager / Back Office Manager / Business Developer / Head of Export Sales Administration, Import/Export Manager / International Purchaser /Sourcing Manager

INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT: Head of Transport Operations and International Logistics / Intermodal Manager / Operations Manager / Transit Manager, Supply Chain Coordinator

MARITIME: Shipping Line Manager / Import Manager, Export Manager / Profit Centre Manager /Cargo Flow Manager, Ship Manager, Harbour Director


Airbus, Alinea, Alten, Bourbon Management, Carrefour Supply Chain France, CMA-CGM, DB Shenker, Decathlon, Esso SAF, Feeder, Gemalto, Geodis Wilson France, Pôle Mer Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur , SDV Logistique et Carburants Spéciaux, Unilever, Veolia Water STI

Program enrolment information and statistics

Students Age
Average age 22 years

Application Deadlines

MSc in 1 year :

Admission level : International Bachelor's degree (4 years)

Duration : 18 months

Degree : Master of Science

Campus : Marseille

Language : English

MSc in 2 years :

Admission level : Bachelor's degree

Duration : 30 months

Degree : Master of Science

Campus : Marseille

Language : English

Faculty profiles

KEDGE Business School's faculty is made up of almost 183 full-time lecturers and several hundred professional and academic speakers who teach at our French and international campuses.

The full-time faculty is comprised of lecturers-researchers, 90% of whom hold a PhD. 44% are international professors from over 30 different countries.

Due to the dynamics of the merger process, globalisation and the growth Kedge Business School is experiencing, it now boasts a substantial and incredibly diverse faculty, a strong asset in the face of new challenges in the fields of research and education.

Academic Excellence:

KEDGE is one of the European leaders in academic research on management, with a very ambitious research output.


KEDGE produces the equivalent of one article in a top-ranking journal every day.

In the 2017 ranking of best schools for research in management performed by L'Etudiant, the leading French magazine covering student orientation, KEDGE Business School came out on top in France with a total of 103 articles across all categories published by its faculty in 2015.

This exceptional performance is the result of its excellence strategy applied since the School's creation in 2013.

With three Centres of Excellence: Marketing, Supply Chain and CSR, and five Centres of Expertise: Wine & Spirits, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Health Management, Finance Reconsidered and Creative Industries & Culture, the School affirms its academic expertise on several key issues in management sciences.

Campus facilities & Student Life


The Housing service of KEDGE Business School is available on a single platform.

You will find housing offers from private landlords, real estate agencies and student residences.

A multilingual team is at your disposal 6 days a week to help you to find and book accommodation.

To connect, sign up using your school email address and password of your choice

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact our housing advisor:

Download files


Student handbook - Marseille (PDF - 3.4 MB)

Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Maritime Management

Pictogramme The Sector of Maritime Management

Maritime management is a sector of business that promotes the strengthening and regulation of the maritime industry. Maritime research management refers to increasing sustainability practices within sea harvesting practices. It is an industry that focuses on creating policies that will reduce the amounts of sea accidents related to human error as well as on site boat incidents. This sector is dependent upon recognition and coordination of multiple organizations who have the abilities to change and shift the conditions of this essential industry.

Pictogramme Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in Maritime Management

A masters in maritime management is composed of both technical and non - technical training; as this sector includes education and application of both hard and soft skills. The discipline attempts to combine multiple disciplines in order to create a mutual understanding between the internal and external sectors of the industry. There is currently a push to increase the safety standards within this sector which requires new policies which must be thoughtfully and adequately developed. That is what this sector will train and educate their students to be; thoughtful and methodological to develop procedures that make the difference in the industry and ensure that it is safe and properly developed for all who enter it.

Pictogramme To Work in the Specialty Sector of Maritime Management

Working in the sector of Maritime Management is guaranteed to provide those who enter the sector a career that will serve as an amazing path into solving environmental, legal, and social issues that are all associated with Maritime Management. This sector will provide an exciting career that will allow for personal and professional development; as such a specialized sector will provide a career full of innovation and insight.

Pictogramme The Maritime Management in 2019

In 2019, maritime management refers to being able to shift and manage policies to ensure safety and inclusiveness within the industry. Maritime management is very specific and a unique sector to manage because it is a field that requires extreme regulation to ensure its success. Those who train in this specialty will acquire skills unparalleled in the fields of managing and marketing experience. This year brings an opportunity for those who specialize in this field to be a part of its modernization.

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