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ELISABETH JOUANNAUX Programme Director of KEDGE Business School

"Drawing strength from a rich heritage and strong links with the corporate world, Kedge offers high-quality training as well as exclusive insights into its global vision of transport and logistics.

The international element of the MSc programme in International Transport and Logistics is the cornerstone of the programme. It follows a partnership-lead method of teaching, enabling students to get hands-on experience managing international and strategic issues related to sustainable transportation, storage, customs, and IT. Taking a global perspective on international transport and logisitics helps students develop skills in three key areas: trade, international transport, and logistics."

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Choose a Master, an MS or an MBA in Maritime Management

Pictogramme The Sector of Maritime Management

Maritime management is a sector of business that promotes the strengthening and regulation of the maritime industry. Maritime research management refers to increasing sustainability practices within sea harvesting practices. It is an industry that focuses on creating policies that will reduce the amounts of sea accidents related to human error as well as on site boat incidents. This sector is dependent upon recognition and coordination of multiple organizations who have the abilities to change and shift the conditions of this essential industry.

Pictogramme Follow a Masters/MS/MBA in Maritime Management

A masters in maritime management is composed of both technical and non - technical training; as this sector includes education and application of both hard and soft skills. The discipline attempts to combine multiple disciplines in order to create a mutual understanding between the internal and external sectors of the industry. There is currently a push to increase the safety standards within this sector which requires new policies which must be thoughtfully and adequately developed. That is what this sector will train and educate their students to be; thoughtful and methodological to develop procedures that make the difference in the industry and ensure that it is safe and properly developed for all who enter it.

Pictogramme To Work in the Specialty Sector of Maritime Management

Working in the sector of Maritime Management is guaranteed to provide those who enter the sector a career that will serve as an amazing path into solving environmental, legal, and social issues that are all associated with Maritime Management. This sector will provide an exciting career that will allow for personal and professional development; as such a specialized sector will provide a career full of innovation and insight.

Pictogramme The Maritime Management in 2024

In 2024, maritime management refers to being able to shift and manage policies to ensure safety and inclusiveness within the industry. Maritime management is very specific and a unique sector to manage because it is a field that requires extreme regulation to ensure its success. Those who train in this specialty will acquire skills unparalleled in the fields of managing and marketing experience. This year brings an opportunity for those who specialize in this field to be a part of its modernization.

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